Waxing lyrical to qualify oneself might be the usual, but it’s not much fun. 

Consider for a moment: celebrating oneself, ones true value (and values), is rare. And doing so to promote, engage and tell the story of your venture, rarer still.


Expressing your true-worth gets real-world results, and we reckon it changes you in the process.

This is why the foundation of this work is presenting to camera, and getting this online.

Um, ok?

Presenting to camera is the most direct route to clarify for both yourself (most important), and your audience (pretty damn important) why and what value it is that you really offer.

And for me, enabling you (yes YOU) to clarify and express your purpose – directly into the camera, and getting you out of your own (bloody) way to do so, is straight-up inspiring.

So, if you’re someone that believes authenticity cuts through the noise and that expressing on-purpose inspires meaningful change, then you’re my people.

Morgan Benjamin

Story | Video | Coach

I started in communications before dial-up, and would be more likely to choose directing inspired VHS in-camera-edited productions, over homework any-day.

Since those glory days I’ve traversed arts mgmt, events, video/film, graphic/web dev, training and consulting in both Oz and abroad.

I have practice-based tertiary experience, awards & qualifications from Metro Screen (sadly recently no more 🙁 ), Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), St Leonards College – TAFE (coz it still had a 16mm film lab!) and additional practice-based certs IV’s in Bus Mgmt and Website Production.

As an entrepreneurial media adept, I’ve seen seismic shifts across industries in the last decades and from the rubble, hold onto those principles that still shine through.

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